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Christopher-Shawn was born in East Austin, Texas.  He studied acting at the Dougherty School of Arts in Austin and moved to LA where he continued his studies of acting at 10 weeks on Broadway. He graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2007 with Honors with a degree in Television Production.


Christopher-Shawn is a writer, director and producer of over 20 stage plays.  He is a 12-time theater award nominated actor, producer and director.  He has received 2 NAACP theater award nominations, 9 COSAC theater award nominations and 5 COLSAC theater awards including the 1997 Thespian of the Year award.  He also has won awards as a producer and writer on the award winning film In Da Cut.

Christopher-Shawn continues to give back and dedicate himself to his craft by teaching acting classes and video production at his church Citizens of Zion in Compton,California.

Christopher-Shawn is a man of God and gives all Praises to his Heavenly Father for these gift and talents to whom they are for His glory.

Christopher-Shawn is a family man who always dedicates his performances to his beautiful wife and kids.

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