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​Lamont A. Coleman is a thespian in the truest definition of the word. Though mostly known for his brilliant performances in film and television such as his recurring role in Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots Lamont started his illustrious career in the Theater Art. In middle school, while simultaneously serving as the Student Body president, his passion for the Performing Arts emerged.

A natural leader, Lamont also served as Student Body president at James Logan High School and San Francisco State University. Lamont could have easily pursued a career in politics, but his true passion was for the Arts, so that is what he pursued – and he is an exceptional artist. In college, he was already a veteran actor, so he decided to pursue new challenges. In his directorial debut, he won ACTF’s Best Director Award for the play Family Portrait, he was offered the position of Artistic Director of the Egypt Theater in Oakland. Four years later, he left for Hollywood, where he began The Coleman and Smith Artistic Company (COLSAC), which earned a total of 21 nominations.  In 2006, he received the NAACP Award, for Best Supporting Actor in the stage play, The Mighty Gents and would earn a total of three more festival wins and seven nominations for his newly branded company, Biblical Films.

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