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Marwan is the CEO and founder of Pendulum Studios LA (PSLA) which owns and operates Pendulum TV Network.  Marwan received a degree in Fine Arts from Sacramento City College and a Bachelor degree in Social Science and Theatre Arts from Portland State University. As a child actor, Marwan has over 20 years of industry experience. Marwan began entertaining since childhood becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild at the age of 9. Marwan has been a guest star on shows like All of Us and Till death and he has booked a speaking role and stunt work on the feature film Chocolate City. Marwan has a lead role in the indie feature A Day of Troubles co-starring with Omar Gooding, Hawthrone James and Kathleen Bradley. After working at a major network, eventually being promoted from intern to Director of Programming. Marwan decided to launch his own internet, satellite and television network (Pendulum TV Network).  As the CEO and Founder of Pendulum Studios LA (PSLA), Marwan sought out a profitable platform to form a line of worldwide distribution that would allow independent producers, writers, directors and creators an opportunity to display their creativity while revolutionizing the way consumers view TV, Film and Music.

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